“For 30 years, we've aimed to facilitate communication between individuals and, to this end, we focus on designing and distributing high-performance phones and accessories under the exclusive worldwide Energizer® licence.

Our partnership with Energizer Holdings began in 2010 with an agreement for the development of a range of mobile accessories. These products have been a great success since then and we've established a solid, sustainable and trusting relationship with Energizer. It later meant our accessories licence agreement was extended to mobiles and smartphones in 2017.

Over time, our distribution area has also grown and is now global in scope. As of 2021, our commercial deployment area covers over 55 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, the USA, Latin America and the Middle East.

To develop our share of a perpetually growing market, we select experienced and trustworthy distributors who are renowned in their own national markets.

Avenir Telecom has taken the strategic decision to develop a range of products in line with the Energizer® vision of energy, performance and durability. Our phones’ powerful batteries mean they can be used for long periods and all our accessories are powerful and long-lasting. We are also one of the first manufacturers to offer a range of accessories with a “lifetime warranty”.

At Avenir Telecom, we concentrate on ensuring that our clients, partners, investors and staff are truly satisfied. As part of this focus on excellence, our teams abide by set methods and processes so that our products lead the market on quality, reliability and satisfaction for all.”

Robert Schiano-Lamoriello, General Manager