Registered shareholders:

You will be given notice of a meeting two to three weeks before it occurs. This notice will comprise:

- All necessary voting documents (management report on the consolidated and corporate accounts, condensed financial statements, draft resolutions submitted to the Meeting vote)

- An application form for a Meeting admission card

- A proxy/postal voting form

- A form to be used for requesting documents and further information (including full annual accounts and auditor reports)

Shareholders with bearer shares:

You can obtain the documents listed above from your financial intermediary, who will request them from Avenir Télécom around three weeks before the meeting takes place. You can also contact the Avenir Télécom Shareholder Relations team for all relevant documentation:


Avenir Telecom
Shareholders Relations
Jérôme Fabreguettes-Leib
Tel. : +33 1 53 67 36 78
Courriel : actionnaire@avenir-telecom.fr & avenir-telecom@actus.fr

To vote :

Depending on whether or not you attend the General Meeting, you will need to:

- Return the admission card request form (at least five days before the meeting)
- Send in your postal vote (at least three days before the Meeting)
- Or ask the President of the Board of Directors or another designated person to act as a proxy

Bearer shareholders must include a share blocking certificate with their return correspondence written by the financial intermediary which holds the funds.

On the day of the meeting:
You should arrive with your admission card at the time and place indicated when you were given notice of the meeting. If you do not receive an admission card in time, you can still attend as long as you bring your share blocking certificate. This will enable you to be registered in situ.