Energizer® : a leader with 96% brand awareness

By developing products and services under the Energizer® licence, Avenir Telecom benefits from the reputation of this market leader famous for its powerful batteries which are sold in over 160 countries.

Since it was founded in 1896, Energizer® has become a leading player in the sector and is extremely well-known. Through this partnership, Avenir Telecom designs durable and high-performance products in line with the brand's DNA.


Our commitment to everyday quality

Since Avenir Telecom was founded, the company has strived to satisfy its clients, partners and investors by putting quality at the heart of everything it does.

As part of this commitment, the Group has exacting manufacturing standards and carefully selects its suppliers and providers. The latter commit to abiding by high-quality production standards, implementing rigorous quality control processes, meeting deadlines and integrating cutting-edge technologies.

Avenir Telecom’s staff aims to meet client needs by developing reliable products sold at fair prices.

The organisational structure is clear and teams work under a Quality Manager to follow set methods and processes which achieve real excellence.


A French company with an international influence

Avenir Telecom operates worldwide, with Energizer® products currently sold in over 55 countries. Its international license enables the company to take full advantage of the continuous growth of the mobile phone and accessories market.

Avenir Telecom is pursuing the development of its distribution network by contracting experienced and reliable distributors on all continents. 

Avenir Telecom is based in Marseille, with subsidiaries in Romania and Bulgaria and offices in India, China and the United Arab Emirates. Thanks to these varied locations, the company can establish its international positioning and capture market share in areas of strategic growth.

In 2021, Avenir Telecom made over 94% of its turnover outside of France.


A focus on the human touch

We aim to facilitate communication between individuals and this passion is what has been driving us to open up new areas of telephony activity for the past 30 years. 

Since it was founded, Avenir Telecom has been committed to social, commercial and environmental responsibility as a key part of its strategy. This is borne out by its products and services, its careful choice of partners and it creating a comfortable working environment which facilitates staff development.

The Group’s diversity is also a major strength. Staff come from a variety of cultures and have a wealth of different talents and knowledge: diversity is an important contributor to the Avenir Telecom drive.




An expert in the world of mobile telephony for nearly 30 years

In 1989 in Marseille, technology enthusiasts Robert Schiano and Jean-Daniel Beurnier realised that mobile phones were going to cause something of a revolution.

They founded Avenir Telecom with an initial focus on distributing car radiotelephones, but quickly turned to GSM mobiles when they arrived in France in 1992.

These two visionaries were able to foresee the needs of the sector, creating call centres, repair centres and a business service. The young company rode high on the mobile phone wave, and even started an initiative with McDonald's France for the launch of the McMorning, where a free phone was given away with every McMorning sold.

Avenir Telecom experienced exponential growth and was listed on Euronext Paris in 1998.

Following successful fundraising, the company developed its operations in three main areas:
creating the Net Up Internet operator with the launch of the first “combined PC + internet” deal, starting international distribution and developing its direct sales network.

The Group opened subsidiaries in Spain, the United Kingdom, Benelux, Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Portugal, among other locations.

In 2001, it decided to focus on distribution and on developing a collection of stores via its subsidiaries. Given the booming market, this decision paid off and Avenir Telecom opened over 800 stores in Europe.

The Group quickly emerged as the leader in mobile distribution and sold over 30 million phones and 75 million accessories. Avenir Telecom became the key partner for European operators such as Orange, SFR, Vodafone and T-Mobile and was the number one Samsung, Nokia, Sony and Motorola distributor for years. The Group also brought the operators over 20 million customers.

In addition to its distribution activities, in 2008 the company began designing and manufacturing accessories under its own Oxo brand.

Avenir Telecom’s leadership, renowned distribution knowledge and clear expertise lead to it signing an exclusive agreement with Energizer in 2010,allowing it to design a range of long-lasting, high-performing accessories.

In 2014, the mature mobile market started undergoing some restructuring. The Group began to give up its store network and wholesale activities to focus on product development.

The solid partnership between Energizer and Avenir Telecom has only got stronger since 2010. In 2017, the accessory design licence was broadened to include mobiles and smartphones. Similarly, Avenir Telecom’s distribution area was extended to a worldwide territory.

In 2021, the Avenir Telecom Group celebrates thirty two years of knowledge and expertise in the telephony industry and is still led by its original director, Robert Schiano.